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Recipe ~ Hemp Seed Humus

Who doesn't love humus?!  We love it and we know, after you make our scrumptious Hemp Seed Humus, you will love it too!

What do you need?

4 Tablespoons Amuri Farms Hemp Seeds (Hemp Hearts) -> you can find them here!

4 Teaspoons Lemon Juice

3 Cups Chickpeas (cooked or canned (drained))

2 Tablespoons Water

1-2 Garlic Cloves (minced)

6 Tablespoons Amuri Farms Hemp Seed Oil -> you can find it here! (you can also use Olive Oil, but will get a nicer, nuttier taste using Hemp Seed Oil :) )

1 Teaspoon Salt (Sea Salt preferred for its wonderful minerals, but you can use regular table salt)

Paprika (Garnish)

Chopped Parsley (Garnish)

What do you do?

Use a Pestle & Mortar, or coffee / spice grinder, and grind Hemp Seeds down to a reasonably fine powder (you can also cheat here and use Amuri Farms Hemp Protein Powder (here) instead).

Pop your ground Hemp Seed, Lemon Juice, Chick Peas, Water, Garlic, Oil and Salt into a food processor / thermomix (etc) and blend for about 1 minute, or until smooth.

{If you want a thinner humus, just add a bit more water}

Easy!  To serve, place into a serving bowl, drizzle with some hemp seed (or olive) oil and garnish with Paprika flakes and Chopped Parsley.

All Done!



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