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Crazy Facts About Herbal Medicine you probably didn't know

Did you know ~ herbal remedies are used throughout the world to maintain and improve overall health and for specific ailments.  Medicinal herbs can be purchased as teas, tinctures, powders, extracts, capsules, fresh and dried plants or as ingredients in a prescribed medicine.  In fact, over 40 percent of all pharmaceutical medicines are either derived from plant extracts or are synthesized plant compounds.

However, despite prevalent use and well known to be safe and effective, herbal medicine remains a mystery to most people.  Many people having trouble differentiating herbal medicinal medicine from drugs.

Plants with Therapeutic Values

Our world is home to an estimated 250,000 higher plant species, of which between 14 and 28 percent are used for their medicinal properties.  For example, traditional Chinese Medicine makes use of over 5,000 plants, while North American Native Americans make use of over 2,500 plants in their herbal preparations.

Treating Ailments & Promoting Well-Being

Herbalists have been concocting herbal preparations for millennia!  Written more than 2,200 years ago, the first known guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shen-Nong-Ben-Cao-Jing, describes 365 herbal preparations.

Even with the changing times, herbal medicine continues to play a vital role in the development of every day pharmaceuticals.  In fact, more than 70 percent of all new pharmaceuticals introduced in the United States between 1984 and 2007 were derived from herbs.

The Researchers

One of the most significant differences in pharmaceuticals and herbal medicinals is the former (pharmaceuticals) can be patented and sold at a high cost, with a huge body of research (and money) existing to support the pharmaceutical industry.

On the flip side, while western researchers are only now beginning to uncover the absolute effectiveness of herbal medicine, there is a substantial body of research which already exists if you look at the research in Asia and some parts of Europe.  Herbal medicines have already proven to be effective, having been used by medical practitioners and herbalists for mellennia.

The Practice

Modern day medical practice often focus attention on the symptom, and are perceived through a 'reductionist' perspective.  Often treated with synthetic chemicals, which often lead to undesirable side effects.  Sadly, little attention is paid to the cause of the disease or ailment, or an individual's unique physical and mental makeup.

Herbalists, on the other hand, generally refrain from utilising a single 'herb' for treatment.  Using a highly individualised and holistic approach, a professional herbalist will consider several factors which are unique to an individual, before prescribing or recommending a specific herbal treatment.  In summary, herbal medicines are often used to treat the cause of a disease or ailment, rather than just the symptom, thus preventing future illness.

Side Effects

Comparing modern day medicinals and herbal treatments, there is no comparison.  It is well known modern day pharmaceuticals often contribute to well-documented side effects. For example, Opioids, which are particularly notorious for disastrous side effects and can lead to drug addiction.

Based on published reports, herbal medicines offer fewer known side effects or toxic reactions associated with their use.  It is very rare for any severe side effects to arise, and those that have have been reported, are recorded as the least problematic when it comes to medicinal side effects.

** Author Note:  Always ask the advice of your medical practitioner if you are; pregnant or breastfeeding; using prescribed medication for depression; or for any other reasons you may have concern.


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Herbal remedies can also prevent disease and optimise your overall health and well-being.


A safer, and effective, alternative to pharmaceuticals, herbal medicine, rooted in ancient medical practice has a bright future in mainstream healthcare.  With fewer side effects, it is capable of treating a wide variety of ailments and diseases.

Still have questions?  We are more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

With love, from the Farm x


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